Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food and the Cooking Thereof.

Okay, let me make something clear from the beginning. Most of what I post on this 'cooking blog' will probably not be pure Italian. I like to make up my own stuff, but I plan on trying out new recipes, whether Italian, French, Chinese, or just plain 'ole American. And as far as I'm concerned, all American food has roots from some other country, so most of the time I will be cooking something from overseas. I'll hop over to France now and then for baguettes and ratatouille, Italy for pizza and chicken parmesiano, and China for noodles. Okay, not noodles. And maybe not baguettes. What are baguettes, anyway?

I hope the pictures and recipes I post here will inspire you to do more of your own cooking. There's really nothing like standing in your own kitchen (or your mom's kitchen, depending on how old you are, like me), bending over a stove and stirring something hot and smooth. Not only does cooking and baking make your house smell better (sometimes), but it makes your family happy too! There is absolutely nothing to compare to good, homecooked food. Not all of my stuff will be 100% healthy and lean, but it will all be delicious. I promise!


  1. I think baguettes are some type of long crusty french bread. There is a recipe in Julia Child's cookbook if you want to give it a's the one that she tells how to turn your oven into a french bakery oven with tiles and a steam making contraption. Makes the crust crustier and the inside soft and tender.
    Well, I'll be out of your way for three whole nights can have the kitchen all to yourself! Have fun!

  2. Hip hip hooray! I'm looking forward to your blog, and musings ! :)