Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On the menu for the next three nights:

Wednesday Night

- Mushroom soup

- Biscuits

- Leftover sauteed chicken with vegetables

Thursday Night

- Beef tenderloin steaks with mushroom gravy

- Bruschetta

- Some kind of vegetable, possibly broccoli

Friday Night

- Kielbasa sausage w/ cabbage

- Cornbread

- Peas or carrots

I absolutely cannot wait to start cooking all of these! The mushroom soup recipe is from Julia Child's French cookbook; it was the simplest recipe I could find in the entire book. I love making soups. I wanted something easy, yet refined. It looks very very good and I hope it will turn out well.

The bruschetta recipe came from the dentist's office. I was flipping through an issue of La Cucina Italiana and at the very very back, in an ad for extra virgin olive oil, I found this wonderful little bruschetta recipe. It looked so easy and delicious that I just copied it down right then and there. This is why it's so important to carry a pen and paper with you everywhere! Only it might be wise to have something other than a tiny Post-it pad...I had to use three of them for this really short recipe.

The beef tenderloin steaks sound amazing. The same Cooking Light magazine that gave me the pretzel recipe also has a lot of entree recipes. I'm a sucker for good presentation, and the pictures that are in this magazine have had me drooling for around two years. So finally I get to make this delicious-looking dish! I will be posting pictures as the week goes by, and I'll try to do step-by-step if I remember. Ciao!


  1. Enjoy your time in the kitchen! I guess all my worries about teaching you how to cook were completely unfounded! You are a "go-getter" for sure, Mel! I'm looking forward to hearing how yummy your meals were!

  2. ... so what's for dessert? lol ;-)

  3. Great new blog, Mel! This will be so inspiring!

  4. ha ha! the word was "twasome" it :)